5 home decor trends to make a serious statement

13 mei 2020

There is no better moment to update your home than now. Home has become the most important place in the world and making your home feel cozy and safe is more important than ever.

Whether you love trends or avoid them, there are ideas on our list that you'll adore, and will continue to adore for long time. Scroll down to see which you can feel good about when doing your next home decor purchase. 

From Vintage Finds to Cozy Fabrics - these are the 5 big trends in home decor this year. 


Home decor trends 2020 living room

1. Vintage finds

No matter your style, any space can benefit from a one-of-a-kind vintage finds.
When it comes to accessorising , there’s a big trend with vintage objects, from Moroccan rugs to old stools, lounge tables, potteries and other vintage finds, which all adds character and depth to a room. Add one or two statement pieces and these items look great with almost any design style.


Home decor trends vintage finds zocohome.com

2. Natural tones

Sand and other natural colors provides the perfect base for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern Scandinavian home styles. Whether your living room gets a quick upgrade or a bedroom cozy new look, it´s easy to go with natural tones. This trend for sure stand the test of time.

Home decor trends 2020 bedroom by Zoco Home

3. Craftmanshift

People are spending more on something that matters to them and items that has a story to tell. Natural materials and handmade furniture celebrates the natural beauty of the wood and adds warmth and personality to any home. This trend will be here for years to come as people are investing more in environment and sustainability.

Home decor trends 2020 kitchen

4. Ethnic Scandinavian Decor

One trend that keep booming is integrating ethnic elements in Nordic decoration. You can see it in decor magazines, restaurants and hotels worldwide where ethnic is integrated with other styles to create inspiring decor. Introducing ethnic and traditional elements into Scandinavian decor is a way to get your home full of life. If you dare to mix styles, Ethnic decor is great way to give a warm air to a modern ambient. 


Home decor Trends Janni Dehler and Jon Olsson

5. Natural and cozy fabrics

This year living rooms we will see linen sofas in all sizes, fortunately for everyone who loves to cozy up with a good book or movie.


Home decor trends 2020 linen sofa and jute rug

Together with linen, natural jute rugs have recently made their way back into the design world and we´re loving it! Like the linen sofas, the jute rugs fits perfectly with your existing home decor but is also worth of try to mix and match with other rug, like Moroccan Boucherouites to bring nice Boho vibe and timeless look to your living space.