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Boucherouite rugs and carpets are made of a patchwork design in various fabrics, such as wool and cotton.

These Moroccan Boucherouite rugs and carpets will bring so much colour and life to your space.

Discover our selection of Boucherouite rugs to add an authentic style to any design space.

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  1. Boucharouite Rug | 250x107cm - Zoco Home
  2. Boucharouite Rug | 200x98cm - Zoco Home
  3. Boucharouite Rug | 169x85cm - Zoco Home
  4. Boucharouite Rug | 196x107cm - Zoco Home
  5. Boucharouite Rug | 250x90cm - Zoco Home
  6. Boucharouite Rug | 199x112cm - Zoco Home