Karma La Herriza: Hotel Paradise

Jul 19, 2023

Zoco Home has a long history of working with hospitality businesses, with some projects dating back to the earliest days of Zoco Home! Safe to say that we know what the best practices are when it comes to decorating, designing and finding the best pieces for a hotel, restaurant, beach club etc.

Karma La Herriza is one of our latest professional collaborations, where international hotelier Karma Group trusted us to find all the best pieces to incorporate into their inherently Andalusian Hotel hidden in the beautiful mountainous region of Gaucin in Southern Spain. 

When it came to decorating a Mediterranean style design, Zoco Home was more than prepared to deliver results. The hotel’s goal was to offer something more than a place to stay and dine; their desire was to offer an immersive experience that set them apart from the rest, but stayed on the lines of their signature boho, rustic aesthetic, in this case taking into account the cultural and environmental factor that has such a big presence in the retreat.

To achieve this, our personalised sales team explored various customised furniture options that would turn this space into something completely unique.

Tailoring Comfort & Style

Nothing says luxury more than custom made furniture. Being one of the most prominent elements in a home, we wanted to offer the very best sofas for their apartment style suites. Custom sofas offer a great opportunity to bring a touch of class to the space while ensuring complete comfort. Offering a range of premium fabric options and model customisations, we designed the best sofas that aligned with the hotel's brand image.

Embracing Storytelling & Authenticity

To create a truly memorable and immersive experience, it is essential to offer added value through different features in your establishment. Zoco Home opted for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that reflected the ideas and vision for Karma La Herriza. These distinctive pieces can be found throughout the spaces in the hotel, sparking interest in guests and admirers. Each carefully selected piece contributes to the overall ambiance, telling a story and adding depth to the space.

The Power of Consistency

Establishing your brand and business in a subtle way means ensuring seamless transitions throughout the different spaces. Maintaining consistency in decoration without being overbearing and repetitive is crucial. Their colour palette included natural tones, and a soft monochromatic scheme which can be appreciated in the smaller decor accessories such as cushions and wall decor. The rustic theme is respected, by maintaining natural elements raw and untreated, creating a cohesive visual language that flows throughout the hotel and is especially present in the restaurant.

Anchors of Brand Identity

Leave a lasting impression: this is the goal. Zoco Home wants La Herriza’s guests to remember this beautiful hotel that gave them the best holiday memories. Signature spaces such as the upstairs lobby crave signature pieces to adorn it. The bamboo lounge chairs and recycled wood coffee tables are the perfect companion to the vivid arches that dominate so spectacularly in this peaceful chamber. The almost heavenly light that penetrates through the massive french windows bathes everything in the room in a way that inspires true awe. This is how the hotel will anchor their identity and connect with their guests on a deeper level, recognising the establishment long after they leave.

In the competitive landscape of hospitality, creating a unique atmosphere is vital for success. Through the use of custom furniture, unique decoration, and a consistent approach to the flow of spaces you can achieve the perfect foundations for an inspiring business.

Investing in your businesses’ interior design and decoration is the key to standing out and fostering a sense of loyalty and appreciation in your clients. 


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