What You Need to Know Before You Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Aug 8, 2023

Make this Summer last forever and make sure your outdoor space is ready for all the Summers that are yet to come…

Last week, we asked our designers what, in their opinion, are the top 3 outdoor decor trends this season. These were their answers…


If you are lucky enough to have a spacious exterior, our designers agreed that their top priority is configuring a cozy seating area. At the end of the day, you can never have too many places to lounge, investing in an outdoor lounge is a simple way to convert your space into a functional but also luxurious space that will improve your home lifestyle.

Outdoor Sofas such as the Meya Outdoor Sofa & Menorca Sofa are super in trend this season, with their modular functionality at the forefront of its popularity. People love these kinds of sofas for outdoor spaces as they can be configured and switched around as you wish, adapting to a more laid back and uncommitted use. 


Although this one may be up for debate as an outdoor decor piece, because we really hope you aren’t leaving your textile accessories out in the open! However, in day to day use and home styling, textiles are a must. Summer textiles are those that offer lightness and comfort, so you want to be choosing materials such as cotton and linen that are natural thermal regulators and gentle when in direct contact with the skin. Our designers have been incorporating our latest collection of Fouta Towels into many of their designs as part of a comfort package and also decoration & home styling. No better way to give the impression of put togetherness than with an effortlessly thrown towel over your outdoor sofa. 


I think we can all agree, there is nothing quite like an al fresco meal! Outdoor dining, outdoor cooking and engaging in day to day activities outdoors, is, if we may say, a breath of fresh air. Everyone has memories of enjoying a meal with family and friends around a table, and that is the kind of memory we want to foment through our spaces. For our outdoor dining rooms we are sticking with what is tried and true, like our recycled teak dining tables and synthetic rattan chairs with some flashy new arrivals such as the Organic Chair in black and the Palu Outdoor Table, part of our Outdoor Furniture Package.

When we think of Summer, we think of the outdoors, this is a fact. So why not transform your outdoor space into the next memory, for the next time you think of Summer and all the other Summers that are yet to come.

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