The Ultimate Guide To Help You Choose The Perfect Lampshade

Having wonderful lighting is an excellent way to make a statement in your home. Choosing the right lighting can completely change the whole atmosphere of your space, depending on the design and size you desire.

But with so many to choose from when you walk into a lighting shop or browse lampshades online, it is hardly surprising that many of us need a little assistance. So with that in mind, we have gathered some tips to help you get started.

Discover the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect lampshade for your space.


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It is essential to keep in mind the kind of style you are seeking to achieve in your space. Always try to remain in keeping with the style and decor of your space so there is a beautiful flow throughout.

The correct style of lampshades will blend well in your home and can remain a stunning feature for many years without becoming out of date or style.

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Whether you are looking for a more minimalistic designed lampshade or intrigued by a boho inspired look, we have a large selection which can satisfy all design tastes.


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If you are shopping for a ceiling light, then the most important factors that you should consider are the drop height of the light, the size of the room and where you would like the ceiling light will be hung.

Measure from the light fitting and leave a reasonable clearance from the bottom of the lampshade to the floor so that there is enough space for people to comfortably walk underneath the lamp.

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If you are looking to hang a lampshade above a table or dining table, consider the size of the table. When searching for a lampshade to go above a smaller table, examine the proportions so that there isn't too much of a significant difference between the lampshade and the table.

Keep in mind that every room is different so we recommend trusting your eyes and assessing what will look best in your room and then choose the appropriate lampshade accordingly.


Zoco Home AY Illuminate Lampshade Cotton

Lampshades are available in almost every design, shape and materials, adding warmth and character to our homes.

When choosing the right material, you need to take into consideration the look you want and have in your space as well as the purpose of the lamp.

Some of our favourite materials for lampshades are cotton and natural looking fabrics such as rattan or seagrass.

Known for its versatility and durability, cotton fabric is one of the most commonly used materials around the world and a very popular choice for a lampshade fabric. Shop for a cotton based lampshade if you want to bring out that rustic design into your home.

Zoco Home Natural Lampshades

Natural looking fabrics like rattan and seagrass create the ultimate summer, boho look and with a warmer bulb you can emit a beautiful, welcoming colour to the room. The handmade lampshades and the handwoven look from the fabric spreads beautiful patterns across your ceiling, providing your space with a natural, minimalist feel.

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. The right lampshade and lighting can easily transform a forgotten corner into a cosy area or a simple hallway into a work of art.

Now that you have discovered the ultimate tips, you can happily embrace the quest for choosing the perfect lampshade for your space.

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