The Best Tips For Decorating a Rental Property

Decorating a rental property is a lot different to decorating your own home.

When decorating your own home, there are endless ways to spruce it up, customize it, unleash your individuality and add as much of your personality into it as you like. If you’ve decided to go with bold colours on the walls or adding extra shelves for the large amount of family photos to show, then that is entirely your choice.

However, if you are decorating an investment property that you plan to rent out to guests, you will most likely want to take a different approach in your design ideas to make your space as appealing as possible.

When decorating a rental you're trying to create a style that suits everyone.

If you are a little unsure what to do in order to make the perfect rental property, we have gathered a list of the best tips on how to decorate a winning rental property.


Zoco Home Neutrals

It might be tempting to add bold colours when freshening up your rental property. However, when it comes to the general design scheme, a clean, neutral and elegant style is the way forward.

While some potential tenants might love a splash of colour in a space, you need to create a space that every potential tenant can see themselves in. White or beige paints, natural woods and calming accents across your property will give you a big advantage over others.

By using a neutral colour palette you can open up a small space and bring the natural light in.


Zoco Home Lighting

Having the right lighting is a very important part when decorating your investment property.

A good amount of natural light which draws through the interiors of a home will play a large part in creating a relaxed, welcoming and cheerful place, but of course it is essential to have cozy lighting across the property, too.

Choosing the right lighting is important to the home because it improves the mood, creating a warm and bright ambience for your potential tenants.

Zoco Home Ceiling Lampshade

Lighting is the perfect way to add some style into your rental property, providing the space with aesthetics. Stylish floor lamps and eccentric ceiling lampshades can provide a room with so much personality.

Explore our large selection of stylish lighting to create the perfect rental place for your tenants.

For the ultimate guide to finding the perfect lampshades for your home, read our last blog post.


Zoco Home Quality Furniture Suar Wood Dining Table

It is essential to provide your space with decor and furnishings that are both practical and durable. Therefore, investing in quality furniture will set your rental property apart.

High quality furniture is made out of first grade materials that will deliver long lasting comfort for your tenants.

Zoco Home Outdoor

Try refreshing your rental property using quality wood such as teak or suar for the dining area or outdoor space. Discover our selection of quality dining tables and outdoor furniture that can transform your rental property into a luxurious home.

Zoco Home Linen Sofas

Additionally, using quality fabric such as linen will not only provide quality to your space but comfort too. All our linen sofas offer style and have been handcrafted with perfection.

Discover all the reasons to upgrade to a linen sofa.


Zoco Home Wall Decor

When refreshing any space, no matter how large or small, there is one element that should never be overlooked and that is adding home decor and accessories.

Without accessories, no matter how beautifully furnished, your space will look unfinished. Home accessories are visually appealing and allow a space to come alive, adding texture, colour and form.

Wall decor is that finishing element that can pull a space together, making it feel complete and homely which will attract your future tenants. It brings a sense of texture into a space and can set the entire tone of the space.

Explore our selection of home accessories and wall decor which will add that extra character in the space.

So now that you have the best tips for decorating your rental home, it’s time to start putting them into use and refresh your rental property for future guests!

If you need any help on interior decorating, contact us today at and let’s create beautiful spaces together.