10 Years, 10 Icons

The past 10 years have brought us so many memories, accomplishments and most of all, beautiful furniture and home decor that have marked our decade-long journey.

Choosing our products is one of our key processes in which we take particular care to ensure that our collections show integrity as a brand through consistent quality and our varied selection of unique pieces that stand out. 

There is a story in everything,’ a phrase that bears the essence of what is Zoco Home, and an integral part of our initial vision; a commitment to sharing the stories behind the pieces that inspired us through the years. 

Here is the official list of our top 10 most iconic pieces.

1. Ibiza Linen Sofa

You may already be familiar with our Linen Sofa Collection, characterised by its draping, beachy linen appearance. But you probably were not aware that the sofa that started this emblematic range, was the Ibiza Linen Sofa. 

Featuring removable covers, cloudlike firmness and a Scandi-Boho design to die for!

This practical and effortless piece gave us the edge in the then unexplored sofa industry for us. Now, we offer over 50 different sofa models and variations, with endless options for all interiors and lifestyles.

Zoco Home Furniture Ibiza Linen Sofa | 245cm
White Sand Light Grey Dark Grey +1
Ibiza Linen Sofa | 245cm
Zoco Home Sofas Ibiza Linen Sofa | 280cm
White Sand Light Grey Dark Grey +1
Ibiza Linen Sofa | 280cm
Zoco Home Furniture Ibiza Linen Sofa | XL 330cm
White Sand Light Grey Dark Grey +1
Sofá de Lino Ibiza XL | 330cm

2. Organic Chair - now in black

The understated but timeless piece of furniture that has become a staple in our outdoor furniture collection

The Organic Chair is our bestselling indoor and outdoor dining chair and with good reason! Made using treated natural teak legs and a synthetic rattan for the seat and backrest, it is the a practical piece that people love due to its boho personality and versatile nature.

Woven furniture, in general, is one of the main characteristics present in our collections, although we like to favour natural materials, when decorating outdoor spaces, you need to be sure that you are investing in durable furniture that is suitable for outdoor use, which is why our Organic Chair is so popular, and has a well-deserved spot on our list.

Zoco Home Furniture Organic Chair
Organic Chair
Zoco Home Furniture Organic Chair | Black
Organic Chair | Black

3. Shezad Seagrass Lampshade

What can we say about the Shezad Lampshades? Spectacular, jaw dropping, one of a kind.

These ceiling lamps are the epitome of luxury boho decor and staple of the home. Strategically placed, these lamps can change the whole interior design of your home, with the ability to divide spaces and create ambiances effortlessly.

Another example of our love for the handwoven, these unique hanging lamps are made using natural seagrass and woven by hand into the beautiful ethnic patterns that make beautiful shadows in the light.

Available in 3 different sizes to decorate each room comfortably.

Zoco Home Lighting Shezad Seagrass Lamp Shade | S
Shezad Seagrass Lampshade | S
Zoco Home Lighting Shezad Seagrass Lamp Shade | M
Shezad Seagrass Lampshade | M
Zoco Home Lighting Shezad Seagrass Lamp Shade | L
Shezad Seagrass Lampshade | L

4. Binga Baskets

Maybe with one of our favourite stories, the Binga Baskets are the wall decor classic in any boho/ethnic interior. Wall decoration is a must have in a home, even the most minimalist interiors, should have an iconic, statement wall and with these special kinds of pieces they will even tell a story…

Commonly known as Tonga Baskets, they are handmade using ilala palm mainly by women in the Tonga Craft Centre, a community with the goal of maintaining traditional craftsmanship, based in Binga village, Zimbabwe

Basket making and other exported crafts are a way for women to sustain themselves and their families in a region prone to drought and poverty. Read more about the Binga Basket story here.

Zoco Home Home accessories Binga basket M | 36-40cm
Binga basket M | 36-40cm
Zoco Home Binga basket L | 41-45cm
Binga basket L | 41-45cm
Zoco Home Binga Basket XL | 46-55CM
Binga Basket XL | 46-55CM
Zoco Home Binga Basket S | 30-35CM
Binga Basket S | 30-35CM

5. Beni Ourain Rugs

When we dive deep into the origins of Zoco Home, we can’t ignore the pieces that have launched us and sustained us throughout the years, due to their timeless nature and natural beauty. This is what the Beni Ourain Rugs represent.

The story behind these precious rugs begins at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where the rugs were originally crafted by Berber women. This region is home to an ancient breed of sheep that produces fine quality wool.

Zoco Home has shared a love story with Moroccan craftsmanship since the beginning, which is why we love to incorporate these rugs into our contemporary designs with a lot of admiration and respect towards the story behind these treasured pieces.

Read more about the Beni Ourain Rugs here.

Zoco Home Beni Ourain / Rugs Beni Ourain | 315x200cm
Beni Ourain | 315x200cm
Zoco Home Beni Ourain / Rugs Beni Ourain | 300x194cm
Beni Ourain | 300x194cm
Zoco Home Beni Ourain / Rugs Beni Ourain | 250x160cm
Beni Ourain | 250x160cm
Zoco Home Beni Ourain / Rugs Beni Ourain | 220x160cm
Beni Ourain | 220x160cm
Zoco Home Beni Ourain / Rugs Beni Ourain | 150x260cm
Beni Ourain | 150x260cm

6. Root Stool

Going back to our roots, quite literally! Our deeply cherished Root Stool, a representation of life, nature and soulful furniture

These solid wood stools are perfect for adding an unsympathetic touch of nature, a completely raw and untouched character in your home.

They are made from a single piece of teak wood taken from the roots of the tree, where you get these magnificently uneven cavities and mixture of tone and texture.

Our designs incorporate these pieces as stools, side tables, coffee tables and even night stands.

Zoco Home Furniture Root Stool
Root Stool
Zoco Home Furniture Vintage Elm Wood Bench | 110-140cm
Vintage Elm Wood Bench | 110-140cm
Zoco Home Laguna Linen Sofa
White Sand Light Grey Dark Grey +1
Laguna Linen Sofa
De €4.660,00

7. Borneo Outdoor Table

Another piece from our outdoor furniture collection makes the list! The Borneo Outdoor Table, a relatively recent addition to our dining table selection and one of our forever furniture pieces perfect for investing in your interior decor

Our most popular outdoor dining table, for all the right reasons… Handcrafted using reclaimed wood and treated to be suitable for outdoor use, the timeless design and strong presence are just the icings on the cake.

With sustainability and corporate social responsibility as our brands’ long-term goal, this is one of the pieces that we are putting in the spotlight to promote sustainable shopping in Zoco Home.

Zoco Home Dining Table Borneo Outdoor Table | Natural Legs
Borneo Outdoor Table | Natural
De €1.890,00
Zoco Home Furnitures Borneo Outdoor Table | Stretcher | Natural Legs | 300x100x76cm
Borneo Outdoor Table | Stretcher | Natural Legs | 300x100x76cm
Zoco Home Borneo Outdoor Table | Stretcher | Natural Legs 250x100x76cm
Borneo Outdoor Table | Stretcher | Natural Legs 250x100x76cm

8. Handmade Ceramics

Let's take the time travelling train back to the Moroccan medina where you will find our compilation of carefully hand-painted ceramics, the perfect pieces for the more experienced boho lovers. 

These dainty ceramic plates, bowls and cups are a symbol of Moroccan heritage and authentic craftsmanship. Each with a different beautiful design, you could spend hours trying to choose the perfect one!

Zoco Home Home accessories Ceramic Coffee Pot | Black & White
Ceramic Coffee Pot | Black & White
Zoco Home Kitchenware Hand Made Ceramic Mug | B&W
Hand Made Ceramic Mug | B&W
Zoco Home Kitchen Dining Ceramic Bowl | Black & White | 15cm
Ceramic Bowl | Black & White | 15cm
Moroccan Ceramic Vase 20cm
Zoco Home Kitchen Dining Ceramic Plate | Black & White 36cm
Ceramic Plate | Black & White 36cm

9. Bali Lounge Chair

Finding a place for the Bali Lounge Chair in this list was easy, just as easy as it is to incorporate them into your home styling. Always the main character in any lounge area, with its simple yet significant design using natural materials for that distinctive boho quality.

Sturdy teak legs and structure, with a woven rattan seat and backrest. With just two simple materials, this lounge chair has managed to weave its way into many of our clients’ homes, adding an elegant Scandinavian style to their interior decoration.

Zoco Home Furniture Bali Lounge Chair
Bali Lounge Chair
Zoco Home Lighting Fish trap lamp shade | Black 50cm
Fish Trap Lampshade | Black 50cm
Zoco Home Lighting Fish Trap Lamp Shade | Black
Fish Trap Lampshade | Black

10. Hanging Rattan Chair

Adding a bit of fun to your interior design for 10 years! The Hanging Rattan Chair is the perfect example of an exclusive product that belongs on this list. It might not be for everyone, but we have to admit that it is one of the Zoco Home family favourites and it will take any interior design space to a whole other level of boho.

Made from natural rattan, proving once again that nature is best, the most durable and beautiful.