5 Autumn Sofa Moments That Scream Cozy

The best place to savour the magic of Autumn is your sofa. This is not our opinion, it is a statement of fact, because who doesn’t love curling up with a book or to watch a movie with plenty of throws and snacks at the ready? 

Here we bring you 5 iconic Zoco Home Sofa moments that will have you dashing to your sofa for a heartwarming snuggle.

living room setting with sand coloured linen sofa with embroidered cushions, ethnic wall art and hanging rattan lamps

Tarifa Linen Chaise Longue Sofa

In the coziest villa in the Costa del Sol, our Tarifa Linen Chaise Longue Sofa stands discretely in the open-plan living room, where ethnic decor and boho elements take the visual limelight. However, do not underestimate the power of this sofa as whoever lays eyes on its impossible cloudiness, gets the irresistible urge to sit down and feel the luxurious feather-touch cushions. Adorned with some of the most unique Zoco Home pieces, the Salampasu Wall Panels stand undefeated as they truly add warmth and personality to the space.

Living room with scandinavian style white linen sofa and brown linen cushions

Tarifa Linen Lounge Sofa

What could go wrong with having a bed for sofa? Nothing, just eternal relaxation in a cloud-like heaven. With the same feather-touch cushions and soft linen upholstery, characteristic of the Tarifa Linen Collection. This model is the extra long version of this bestselling sofa, perfect for holiday homes and families, so no one gets kicked off the sofa! 

Living room corner with modular linen sofa with charcoal coloured cushions and paper mache vases on a microcement coffee table

Laguna Linen Sofa

Showcased in a true contemporary autumnal style, the Laguna Linen Sofa in Las Dunas is expected to be the new comfort classic. The home decor chosen for this cozy sofa moment sets a mood that's both sophisticated and inviting. Charcoal cushions and trending paper mache vases from our Autumn Collection contrast beautifully with the light linen upholstery of the sofa. A perfect snuggling moment for a crisp Autumn evening.

Lounge corner with single linen sofa and boho decoration

Tulum Linen Single Sofa

The often forgotten side of sofas, the single sofas. Villa Nube invites us to the coziest lounge corner with the Tulum Linen Single Sofa. Don’t let this compact piece deceive you, it is the perfect remedy for the blues, alone moments, self-care days where you can curl up in it with a good book or a quick nap. The decorating and home styling is so simple and serene that it’s easy to lose yourself in the calm and relaxation of the space on a tranquil Autumn afternoon.

Living room in a modern home with big windows and a beige linen sofa and recycled wood coffee table and wool rug

Ibiza Linen Sofa

With timeless elegance, the iconic Ibiza Linen Sofa in Villa Nube, stands peacefully and in complete harmony with its surroundings. In this case, we have changed the classic white linen to the soothing sand linen covers for this sofa, to really keep the flow of neutral tones and natural textures within the space. Paired with the Vintage Elm Wood Lounge Table and an authentic Beni Ourain Rug, this space is almost a nostalgic scene of Zoco Home history within a contemporary, modern home.

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