When You Can´t Explore the World - Bring the World Into Your Home

Travel means different things to different people. It is recreational for some and therapeutic for others. While some love to lose themselves in the busy streets of a new city, others prefer secluded and beautiful mountains tops to meditate and find themselves in.

Whatever our travel goals maybe we all love to bring souvenirs from our travels to gift to our friends or decorate our home with.The homes of those who have a penchant for travelling are bedecked with tokens of the places they fell in love with. These keepsakes from our travels not only keep memories of good times spent in that place fresh in our memories but also make for unique décor pieces. 

However, with travel bans imposed worldwide and the risks that travelling involves in the present times of Corona it is going to be sometime before we can travel again. Travel bans may take a while to lift but that doesn’t mean we cannot have unique and exquisite décor pieces from various parts of the world to adorn our homes with.

Here are some of our beautiful finds sourced from different parts of the world such as India, Morocco, and Indonesia that would make for exquisite décor for your homes.

Boho style home decor

 1. Moroccan Vintage Trays

These stunning large vintage Moroccan trays could be the show stopper décor piece of your house. These are used to serve Moroccan mint tea with all the ingredient of the tea displayed on it.

They are made out of hand-hammered aluminium with intricate henna and floral designs. Available in a variety of sizes these trays can be hung on a wall, placed on the floor, used to organize and place other items on it on a table or even to serve tea.

Moroccan vintage trays in different sizes-Zoco Home

 2. Vintage African Head

The practice of making terracotta sculptures in Africa dates back to the 12th century. Some researchers believe that these sculptures were made as offerings to God and buried in shrines and graves.

This particular piece is made out of clay covered with terracotta paste. It is one of a kind piece of traditional African terracotta sculpture which is bound to attract everyone’s attention.

Terracotta sculpture

 3. Root stool from Indonesia

Indonesia is a famous travel destination and so are its teak wood root tables and stools. They are incredibly calming to look at especially if you love nature and natural patterns.

Carved out of wild and whimsical looking roots of teak trees these stools are environment friendly and exude enigma.

Root stool in livingroom as a stool or coffee table

4. Candle Holders

These recycled, rustic and raw wooden candle holders have a very interesting story. They are essentially legs of charpois or traditional Indian beds made of wood and cotton fibres.

Charpois are common in the Indian countryside and passed onto generations. These candle stands have been made out of some of such beds used and slept on over the years. Each of them hides a story within.

Vintage candle holders

5. Buhera Gourd Basket

Buhera ground baskets are made in the Buhera district of Zimbabwe. These are weaved in beautiful shapes and are used to store grain. 

However, you can use them to decorate a corner in your home or even storage. They are handwoven from local grass which makes them organic and eco-friendly.

These traditional African baskets are very strong and cosy to look at. They are not just decorative but are also useful. 

Buhera gourd basket in different size

6. Stone Festival Plate

These stone plates with intricate carvings were used to imprint pattern on food items during festivals In India. These plates are one of a kind décor pieces for those who are passionate about food.

They can be used as a candle stand on tables or simply displayed on them. Bring earthiness, beauty, and stories to your table with this stone tray from India.

Stone festival plate

7. Seashell Necklace on stand

This seashell necklace mounted on a stand is going to steal the limelight away from any other piece that you have. 

It is inspired by the traditional seashell jewellery worn by Asmat people of Papua island of Indonesia. They cover and decorate their bodies with natural elements such as leaves and shells and believe in living in sync with nature. 

This necklace is for anyone who loves everything tropical, natural, and even for those who love collecting jewellery. It would look stunning anywhere you place it but especially on a dresser.

Seashell necklace on stand

8. Boucherouite Rug

The word bourcheroite, pronounced as boo-sher-wet, means torn and reused clothing. Boucherouite rugs are products of one of the most colourful upcycling traditional there is.

These rugs are handmade out of scrap fabric by women of Moroccan Berger tribes. Durable and sustainable these rugs can be hung on the wall or just spread in your favourite section of the house. They are perfect for adding a dash of colour to any room.

Moroccan Boucherouite rug

9. Moroccan chakki table

Moroccan chakki tables, made out of cedar wood with beautiful carvings on them, are pieces of art. These grinder tables can be used as centre as well as side tables, coffee table or even as a stand to display your plants on.

These low rise wooden tables would bring a rustic charm and warmth to your interiors. 

Moroccan chakki table Scorpios Mykonos

10. Vintage Wooden Dogon door

Dogon doors were traditionally made from wood with carvings of symbols to protect the entrance from windows and doors.

The door comprises of two carved wooden panels in a frame with a metal latch. Decorated on the walls of your home these doors will speak stories of another land and its people.   


Dogon Door as headboard idea

When we are in the process of setting up our home we always want to get the best pieces to decorate it with. Nothing can be more meaningful and yet beautiful than these pieces from different parts of the world. These aren’t mere décor pieces as each of them carries a story or embody tradition or stand for an era gone by.

You may not be able to travel the world right now but you can bring bits of the world into your home with these artifacts from around the world.