The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Perfect Kitchen

21 sept 2021

A kitchen hosts a wide variety of important everyday tasks, which means it needs to be both functional as well as bring in style to your home. Whether you're cooking, eating or entertaining, the kitchen should always be a space that brings joy to you and your family.

Your kitchen is the heart of every home and learning the art of kitchen styling will guarantee that you can turn this essential family space your own. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for some fresh inspiration, we have created the ultimate guide to creating your perfect kitchen.


Zoco Home Hanging Pendants Lighting

In terms of decorating an entire space, lighting is one of the most important decisions. Strategically placed lighting and the choice of colour tone can transform the entire atmosphere of the kitchen, setting the standard for the rest of your home.

Zoco Home Hanging Lights

By placing pendant lights into your kitchen, you’ll have a unique opportunity to introduce some decorative style and flair into your kitchen. It can set the mood and will quickly spruce up your kitchen without spending too much time on a complete redesign.

Whether you are looking for a more sophisticated look in your kitchen or prefer those laid back boho vibes, we have a large selection of hanging lampshades to suit any home.


Zoco Home Kitchen Bar Stools

Choosing the right kitchen stools will certainly make a huge impact on your kitchen design. It is a simple, easy way to add functionality to your kitchen and get a stylish finish.

Zoco Home Kitchen Bar Stools

Depending on the style you want to convey, kitchen stools can add warmth and softness to a space, too. These stools can bring together a space and make the design feel complete. The variety of different stools are endless, so be sure to consider the specific style you wish to have in your kitchen.


Zoco Home Kitchen with Open Shelves

From an appearance perspective, having open shelving in your kitchen allows you to showcase more of your personality than having an extensive amount of kitchen cabinets.

Open shelving gives your space a trendy, modern feel all whilst providing you with enough storage space to place any items you want to have on display, like your favourite ceramic kitchenware or cutting boards.

Zoco Home Kitchen Open Shelves

With open kitchen shelving, dishes and serving pieces come out behind closed cabinet doors and are showcased artfully, just like items on a bookshelf. It’s a concept that can add both style and practicality to any type of kitchen.

In addition to this, it automatically makes a space look brighter and more open, regardless of the size of your kitchen.


Zoco Home Storage Baskets in Kitchen

Baskets are an easy storage solution you can benefit from in every room, especially the kitchen. By decorating your kitchen with quality baskets you can instantly create extra storage space whilst adding functionality and style.

These useful baskets come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials so you can effortlessly integrate storage into your kitchen decor. They are helpful when organising kitchen supplies that don't necessarily need to be on display.

In addition to this, handwoven baskets are the perfect addition to your kitchen, bringing in textures, warmth and an authentic touch to the space.

Zoco Home Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can sometimes be challenging as there are so many different things you can do. Now that you have read the ultimate guide to creating the perfect kitchen you can put these tips into action and start designing a kitchen that portrays your style and personality whilst having some guidance along the way.

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