Do These Things For The Ultimate Cozy Bedroom

The days are getting shorter and the weather is starting to turn chilly, so restyling the bedroom can be the perfect opportunity to create a little more warm and cozy bedroom. It is the season where we tend to spend more time curled up under blankets and watching a good movie with a warm drink.

Cozy up your bedroom for autumn with Scandinavian Boho Style

We believe that autumn is the perfect moment to transition your bedroom from the vibrant colours of summer to a warmer space.

If you are ready to refresh, redesign and cozy up your bedroom then these decor inspirations are just what you need. From beautiful throw blankets to comfy pillows and charming lamps, we have something for you, no matter the decor taste you have.

Be inspired with these simple design motives to make your bedroom more warm and inviting for the chilly season ahead.

Bedroom inspiration by Zoco Home

Lay in Linen

Your bed is probably the biggest and most important piece of furniture in your room, so switching up the bed covers will automatically change the atmosphere of the space.

There is something so cozy and inviting about linen bedding as it provides a sense of elegance and comfort. The appeal of linen is both practical and aesthetic and will provide you with a great quality sleep. You won’t want to sleep on anything else.

Linen bed sheets totally change the bedroom atmosphere

Are you looking to create more elegance and comfort in your room? As well as practical uses, our linen headboards can provide your bedroom with a very stylish and personal touch, too.

Linen is a soft textured fabric which is perfect for headboards and will provide your space with quality. Headboards are available in different sizes and colours which is most suitable for your bedroom and style.

Light Up Your Room

Lights can influence the look of your room quite significantly, so it is really important to have the correct lighting to create the ultimate cozy bedroom.

Bedroom light design to make it cozy

While it is important to have as much natural light beaming through the room as much as possible during the day, night times are a different story. You will want to use softer lighting to create a fine balance between functionality and aesthetic values, as well as promoting a relaxed state of mind.

Choose lighting that will complement your space. Our natural lamps hades will provide your bedroom with warm vibes, bringing a perfect mix of coziness with a Boho twist. Handmade natural lampshades are extremely versatile, making them long durable and they provide an extra sense of uniqueness that can transform any bedroom.

Raffia natural ceiling lamp

If you prefer a more modern look, then our Table Lamp With Wooden Base will be ideal. This table lamp is simple, yet stylish and will provide your bedroom with pure elegance.

Place one of these beautiful table lamps on either side of your bed to create balance in the room.

Boho style table lamp for your bedroom

Layer, Layer, Layer

If your bedroom is looking a little bland, try adding extra pillows and throws to instantly warm up your space.

Linen handmade pillows add boho vibe to your bedroom

Throws are the ultimate autumn accessory that will create texture and add extra character to your bedroom. Adding layers has a way of making you feel comfortable and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your living spaces.

They instantly add a homey feel to any room and can be used to complement the colour, style of texture of your bedroom.

When decorating your bedroom with throws, try using your different textures and colours to complement your beautiful linen bedding. 

Decorate your bedroom with throws and cushions

Wrap yourself up with our blanket throws for extra warmth.


Candles are a must in any space, especially in a bedroom. They create relaxing effects on your mental health by reducing stress. They can also provide amazing aesthetics to your bedroom. 

Candle holders and lanterns are essential so choosing the right candle holder will set the tone of your bedroom. We recommend our beautiful Round Tea Light Holders to create the perfect cozy ambience.

Moroccan handmade Candle light holder from brass

A Splash of Colour

For ultimate warmth, adding a rug to your bedroom is the perfect finishing touch to your autumn space.

Warm up your bedroom with our beautiful Boucherouite Rugs. These stunning rugs are handmade in Moroccan with a patchwork of various recycled fabrics. 

Moroccan handmade Boucherouite rugs

The most amazing thing about these rugs is that no two are the same, making them unique, as well as providing warmth, comfort for your feet and adds a touch of colour to your space.

For more inspiration, check out our 2020 home decor trends to cozy up your space to the fullest for this autumn.

Your bedroom is where you want to be after a busy day. It is the place where you relax, so take the time to start a little decorating project. Keep in mind that just a few style alterations in your bedroom can change the entire feel.

Make your autumn a little warmer with Zoco Home.