Living Room With The Perfect Scandinavian Boho Design

5 ago 2020

Soon the weather will be cooling down and our homes, especially our living rooms, will turn into the cozy space and the new place to hang out with friends and family. Out comes the scented candles and the thick knit throw a good series on Netflix. 

The Scandinavian design will continuously be a classic home interior trend. So when looking for inspiration on how to cozy up a space for the cooler months, it can be quite daunting. 

With all the information out there, you might be wondering where to get inspiration, or where to get your Scandinavian furniture and decoration from. 

Beautiful Scandinavian Boho style house in Marbella

What Are the Main Elements of The Scandinavian Boho Design?

The Scandinavian design focuses on minimalism, simple lines and functionality without sacrificing the beauty of design. It is so aesthetically pleasing due to its simplicity and cleanliness. The Scandinavian Boho style favours light colours while enhancing those natural vibes which every home should embrace. 

Adding certain textiles and splashes of colour create character into the room, providing the space with that wonderful Ethnic and Boho look. That is why the combination of the Scandinavian design with a Boho touch will give your living room the perfect cozy atmosphere. 

We absolutely love the Scandinavian Boho design and we want to inspire you and transform your living room into the perfect Scandinavian Boho design. Read about these tips and tricks to create your perfect living space. 

Nordic Boho style apartment in Higueron Benalmadena

The “Less is More” Technique

Furniture is definitely the first thing you need to consider when redesigning. We recommend choosing a few key pieces of furniture that you will love in your new space. If you want to achieve the Scandinavian Boho look, keep in mind that less is more. 

Think of your space as a blank canvas and start from there! The furniture will be the key part of your room. Try adding a beautiful wooden coffee table like our unique Suar Wood Coffee Table to enhance the Boho and natural design to your room. 

Nordic Bohemian style interior design in Marbella

 White on White 

If you really would like to commit to the true Scandinavian design, start by painting your walls white or other light tone. There is nothing wrong with giving your walls a fresh splash of paint. This is just to get the basic Scandi look, meaning you can add wall decoration to add some that authentic style.   

Sofas are a form of beauty on their own and can make or break the style of your living room. White, sand or grey sofas can provide your space with beautiful elegance and it can be the centrepiece of the room. 

Take a look at our Ibiza Linen Sofas to create a beautiful stylish Scandinavian Boho design. 

Ibiza lounge sofa creating Boho style

Add Some Wall Art

Adding some wall decoration is a brilliant way to add some texture and depth. This way you can also express your personality through design and art. All this while being useful as it does not take up any room on your floor space. 

Zoco Home offers a wide range of wall decoration, so we will certainly have something to suit your style. One of our all time favourites are the Binga Baskets, which will add contrast to create an authentic atmosphere to your living room.

Binga baskets on the wall creating boho interior

 Decluttering is Key

When your home is filled with clutter, trying to clear it all out at once can be quite overwhelming. So just start with clearing and organising a little bit everyday. 

If you are not sure where to place all your belongings and bring style into your home, then our beautiful handwoven baskets will be the perfect addition. These baskets are multifunctional as they are seen as a statement piece providing a beautiful ethnic style, as well as keeping your space looking immaculate. 

Handwoven basket to bring extra space and ethnic style

Bring the Outdoors Inside 

Scandinavians deeply value nature and spending time outdoors which is reflected in their beautiful interior designs, so why not bring the outdoors inside. They create harmony and balance between them, creating natural light and bright spaces which is a key element to create the Scandinavian Boho design. 

Plants and greenery are a perfect combination with those white washed walls. Also, using natural elements provide your space with a beautiful calming atmosphere, so keep in mind wooden flooring and warm rugs. 

Our beautiful rugs vary from different shapes, sizes and colour, providing your space with that Boho and cozy atmosphere.

Handmade Moroccan rug bring coziness to your home

Add Some Texture 

You know how sometimes you look around a room and feel like something is missing but not quite sure what? Adding texture is the perfect way to add elegance to your space to complete the Scandinavian Boho look. 

Wall art and textiles to bring texture on your home decor

Texture is what will make your room stand out and elevate the overall look of your design, as well as adding that cozy atmosphere that is essential during the cooler months. 

Add one of our Bali Tassels Throws on your sofa to add quality and style to your living room. 

It Is All About The Lighting   

Lighting is a key element in the Scandinavian Boho aesthetics as it contributes to creating a welcoming and homely feeling. Lighting can be seen as the focal point of your room, so if you would like to create the cozy feeling, choose soft lighting to find a good balance. 

If you want to create the Boho look, we recommend our Shezad Seagrass Lamp Shades which will add natural elements to your beautiful home. 

Entrance hallway big natural lamp

Now you have a better understanding on how to transform your living room with that perfect Scandinavian Boho design.

If you need more inspiration when it comes to choosing the best furniture and decor for your space, please contact us to email us at or by Whatsapp and phone on +34 635 546 360.

We can help redecorate your entire space with our dedicated interior design team!