Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Quick Refresh

Your home is the place where you can express your personality and style, however, at one time or another, most of us have experienced the feeling of looking around our homes and lacking a little inspiration.

And sooner or later you’ll realise that a little spruce up and a quick rearrange in your home will do just the trick, allowing you to feel inspired once again. If you are ready to fall in love with your home all over again, keep reading!

We have gathered our top tips and simple ways to give your home a quick refresh.


Kitchen Design clean and aesthetic look

A clean and clutter free kitchen is everybody’s dream. However, things have a way of stacking up inside cabinets, taking away storage space and leaving your cupboards looking crowded and disorganised.

By simply reclaiming your space and bringing order to the busiest, most important room in the home with a quick reorganisation and clear out, you can easily refresh your home without too much hassle.

Zoco Home Kitchen Accessories and details

If you have open shelving, try rearranging them just to have the essentials on show, bringing a clean and aesthetic look to your space. Additionally, try spicing up your kitchen a little more by adding some quality kitchen accessories to complement your kitchen counters.


Zoco Home Textiles, pillows and cushions on sofa

If your space is feeling a little dull, consider adding a few pillows. Adding textiles such as pillows and cushions are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home and give your space a refresh.

They are both functional and attractive pieces, becoming the perfect addition to any space. You can add splashes of colour and texture, as well as changing them according to seasons and trends meaning you can never get bored of the same textiles.

Not only do they bring style to your space, they also bring warmth and comfort on your sofa, chairs and bed.


Add a statement piece in your home with wall decor

A statement piece is an item that becomes a focus point in your space. Think about adding items that bring personality such as wall art, lighting and wall decor which can easily set the tone and style of your home.

It is truly amazing how well a piece of wall decor or a ceiling light over a dining table can instantly transform the entire ambience of a room.


Add wallpaper to you home for a refresh

If you are feeling bold, then a feature wall is the perfect way to make a major change without taking up too much time and effort.

It’s classic, elegant and an excellent way to add patterns and textures to your interior. Adding wallpaper to one of your walls or simply adding a splash of paint can quickly transform the atmosphere of an entire space and will become the perfect accent when used right.

Zoco Hom wallpaper

If you are concerned that adding wallpaper is too much of a commitment, consider that there are plenty of removable wallpaper options available.


Upgrade your barstools in your kitchen area

Upgrading your furniture in general can be a huge undertaking but sometimes new bar stools are all you need to spruce up your space and refresh your home.

Adding a stylish bar stool is a really simple and inexpensive way to add that boost of style that your home may have been lacking. Regardless of what your taste desires, there are many different style barstools to choose from.

Explore our large selection of barstools that range from the classic Scandinavian style to the ultimate boho feel.

Living room upgrade

Now that you have discovered the best tips to refreshing your home, it’s time to take some action. From adding a few extra pillows to decluttering your kitchen and adding that statement piece to upgrading your barstools, you’ll be sure to start loving your home once again. 

If you need a little more help from our designers on upgrading your home, we offer a full interior design service, creating your dream spaces.

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