The Best Linen Products To Create Your Perfect Home For Spring

If you adore that fresh and timeless look in your home, then you have probably considered purchasing linen items.

There’s so much to love about the linen fabric and we will share with you why linen has always been the best choice if you are looking to create a home with a relaxed atmosphere.

Our designers have gathered the best linen products that every home should have, whether you are looking to transform your home or simply in need of a little refresh for the warmer months ahead of us!

Why Choose Linen?

Linen fabric has always been a top choice and has been used to make clothing, sofas, tablecloths, pillows and cushions, rugs and so much more. It is a sustainable natural fabric made from flax fibers and the flax plant has been used to make fiber for more than 6,000 years.

linen fabric

Additionally, linen fabric is around three times stronger than cotton and dries at a much faster rate and its material makes it great for warmth in the winter and cool for the summer. Moreover, the natural fibers hold dye colours very well, meaning linen is available in almost any colour imaginable.

Let’s take a look at the best linen products to create your perfect home.

Ibiza Linen Sofas

Our sofas are designed to create comfort for you and your family.

zoco home ibiza linen sofa

These Ibiza Linen Sofas create a timeless look and suitable for any home. Our sofas are made with pure linen fabric to create a beautiful relaxed atmosphere that anyone dreams of having in their homes.

Our Ibiza Linen Sofas can instantly transform your home.

All our sofas have a wooden frame which makes it durable and is upholstered in a removable linen fabric. This means you can wash or replace the fabric whenever you want to.

zoco home ibiza linen sofa

Additionally, all out Ibiza Linen Sofas can be tailor made to suit your style, depending on the size you wish to have in your home. Discover our large selection of linen sofas, today.

Read why our linen sofas are our best sellers here.

Linen Pillow and Cushions

Linen pillows are the ideal choice for sofas, chairs or beds.

Zoco Home linen pillows and cushion

As linen is such a durable fabric and easy to take care of, whether you prefer a more luxurious style or a boho space, a linen pillow is the perfect choice for any interior design decor.

We have a large selection of linen pillows and cushions in different sizes and colours that will fit into any decor or colour scheme.

Linen Throws & Blankets

Linen throws can give any sofa or bed a final finishing touch.

Zoco Home linen throws and blankets

Linen throws and blankets are the perfect addition to your home if you are looking to spruce up your space using natural materials. They add warmth and texture during the winter and are excellent accessories for the summer.

Discover our linen throws here!

Linen Poufs

This classic linen pouf is a multifunctional piece of furniture that every home should take advantage of.

Zoco Home Linen Pouf

Not only do they give your living room extra seating for your guests providing maximised comfort, they also provide your space with an elegant, Scandinavian styled look.

These linen poufs can easily be integrated into any interior and can easily be moved around to different areas of your home. Additionally, the pouf has a wooden frame which makes it tough and durable, perfect for your family home.

Shop our linen poufs!

How To Care For Linen Products

Caring for linen is simple as it's made with natural fabric.

Linen fabric Zoco Home

We recommend washing your linen items on low temperatures, either lukewarm or cold. Additionally, use a gentle machine cycle to protect the natural fibers of linen.

Linen becomes softer after each wash and inherits natural creases in the fabric which is what gives this fabric a relaxed, soft feeling!

So now you know that bringing linen to your home will help you create a perfect home for the warmer months ahead of us, bringing in a dash of brightness and freshness!

If you have any questions or need some styling advice, please feel free to contact us!

Make your home a happy place with Zoco Home.