Brighten Up Your Space with Zoco Home’s Boho-Chic Lighting

9 juil. 2024

Lighting is crucial in interior design, and Zoco Home knows it well with its collection of boho-style lighting. You can find ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps, each designed to bring warmth and style to your home.

Our ceiling lamps, crafted with woven and raffia shades, add a touch of artisanal elegance, making them perfect for kitchens and dining areas. Models like the Shezad Seagrass Lampshade, Tulum Lampshade or the Mallorca Ceiling Lamps are perfect for those spaces. Table lamps like our Soho Table Lamp, Aged Clay Table Lamp or the Maluku Table Lamp offer soft and focused light, are ideal for bedrooms and offices, adding comfort and functionality.

Soho Floor Lamp, one of our favourite floor lamps, enhances your living room and reading nooks, creating cozy, inviting spots for relaxation. And last, but not least, wall lamps like Anak rattan Wall Lamp, Seagrass Wall Lamp or the Raffia Wall Lamp, provide the perfect accent, highlighting artwork or providing task lighting in hallways and bedrooms. 

Our boho-style lighting collection not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a statement piece, adding character and charm to your decor. The use of natural materials like raffia and woven fibers ensures that each lamp exudes a unique, handcrafted feel that aligns with the boho aesthetic.

Transform your home with Zoco Home’s lighting collection. Visit our website or stores to explore our collection and find the perfect pieces to illuminate your space with charm and elegance.