How to Get Your Own Remote Interior Design Experience

23 mai 2024

If you stumbled upon this blog and are unsure what we’re talking about, you might want to check out our previous blog post: "Zoco Home Interior Design Studio: From Spain to Jordan", to get the full context!

“I am particularly grateful for the after-sale service and the constant follow-up to make sure that everything is OK and that the items arrived safely in Aqaba. I appreciate that shipping to Aqaba is not something they have done before, and I am so glad that they managed to organize it for me.” Lana 

This quote from our last blog sparked a lot of interest and questions within our community, and we’ve wanted to address the most common inquiries in a new blog post. Join us as we dive into the logistics of our remote interior design services and international shipping. 

Zoco Home Interior Design Studio: from spain to - wherever you are in the world! 

1. Do you offer interior design services abroad? How does it work?

Yes, we offer interior design services internationally. The process begins with a simple message or call. Let us know what you need, and our experienced designers will assist you in creating a personalised design plan. From selecting the perfect pieces to organising the shipment, we handle every detail to ensure a seamless experience.

2. How big are the containers?

We use 20-foot (half) or 40-foot (full) containers for shipping. The size of the container depends on the volume of items you order.

3. How long does the process take from initial contact to having the items in my home?

The entire process usually takes about three to four months. Once the design is finalised and the order is placed, it takes approximately one month for it to arrive at your doorstep!

4. Do you ship to x country? About the countries we ship the containers to…

We ship to numerous countries around the world. In the past month alone, we have shipped containers to Croacia, Belgium and Equatorial Guinea. 

Our interior design services reach beyond borders, with successful deliveries to various locations including Jordan, Belgium, Costa Rica, the UK, the US, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea, Croacia, Bali and many more fascinating places! If you have a specific location in mind, feel free to contact us for more details.

5. Do I have to pick up the container myself from the port?

No, you don’t have to pick up the container yourself. The container will be delivered to your doorstep. However, you will need a team to help unload the items. The shipment can be organised on pallets or in boxes, and it arrives by truck with the container attached.

6. How much does it costs to have a container shipped?

There is a minimum purchase amount for filling and shipping a container, but this will vary depending on the items you wish to have at home. The minimum amount ensures that the container is filled optimally and that the shipping costs are justified.

Our team is happy to help you with an estimate for your project, with no commitment. Click here to contact us and meet our team today!

7. Will I have a dedicated person to follow through my order? How does communication work?

Absolutely. Our communication process is efficient, direct, and without intermediaries. You will have a single point of contact within our sales or design team who will be available to assist you throughout the entire process. This ensures that your questions are answered promptly and your project progresses smoothly.

Our team comprises best-in-class interior design professionals with years of experience, ready to assist you at every step—from selecting the perfect pieces to ensuring they arrive safely at your doorstep.

8. About smaller orders and custom shipping calculations...

For smaller orders, you can purchase items directly from our online shop. If your country is not listed in the drop-down menu at checkout, please contact our customer service team at for support.

9. How much does the Interior Design Service Fee cost?

We offer FREE Interior Design Service, let us bring your vision to life, no matter where you are. Having your dream home has never been as easy as with our Turnkey Interior Design Services. 

Fill out this form to learn more about our turnkey projects and Free Interior Design Service.

10. Where do I start?

If you're ready to enhance your interior design experience and make your design dreams a reality, look no further than Zoco Home, where exquisite pieces and expert guidance merge to create unforgettable interiors. Don’t just take our word for it—listen to the stories of our satisfied clients.

Do you have a project in mind? Ask us about our FREE Interior Design Service, fill out the form, and start your Interior Design journey today.

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We hope this blog post answers your questions about our remote interior design services and international shipping. If you have any more inquiries or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you create the perfect space, no matter where you are in the world.