Why are Sofa Accessories & Decor so important?

Aug 25, 2023

Let’s be real. Sofas are probably the most grateful pieces of furniture in homes. The best sofas need little work to look good, and even in the most minimal interiors, they will look great. Nonetheless, sofa accessories, decor and the complementary furniture pieces that tend to accompany sofas play a crucial role in not only enhancing the overall aesthetic but also optimising its use and the comfort that it will provide. 

Read the five reasons why these pieces are just as important as the sofa itself, along with some examples of ideal sofa accessories, essential to any living space…

1. It simply looks good

Adding decorative pieces like throw cushions, throws and blankets to your sofa will instantly elevate its visual appeal. Also you can mix and match colours, patterns, and textures to complement the aesthetic of your room and the design of the sofa.

2. Ultimate coziness

Practical accessories such as sofa toppers provide extra padding and comfort to the seat of your sofa. They come in various colours so they can also add some character to your sofa. You can even change the covers depending on the season and the style of the room. This added layer of softness will give your sofa the ultimate coziness factor.

Blankets are also a perfect home accessory for optimising comfort in your living space.

3. Decor = YOU

Anyone can buy a sofa and decorate it like everyone else does, but the interior design of your home should also represent you and reflect your personal style. Choose soulful wall decor with a meaning, or some artwork that speaks to you. Make this space one where you feel right at home, and that provokes truly relaxing feelings for you! Additionally, unique home decor chosen by you is a great conversation starter and will spark interest with visitors.

4. Balancing Act

Considering the surrounding furniture when configuring your living space is one of the basic foundations of interior decoration. You must find perfect pieces that you love, but that will also combine with the style and more importantly the dimensions and possible distribution options. For example, choosing the right coffee table can enhance the visual balance in the room, but it can also damage it if not chosen correctly. Investigate, measure, create moodboards and collages of your space to really get an idea of how the piece will look in your space. Of course, you can also consider finding a professional interior design service to help you.

5. Zone your heart away

Certain elements that are often paired with sofas, are done so with good reason. Things like rugs and lighting will completely define the area around your sofa and hold so much importance when designing your space. A well-chosen rug, with the correct measurements will create a distinct zone within your living room and tie all the other elements together.

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The key is to remember that successfully accessorising your sofa lies in finding a balance between functionality and aesthetic. It's crucial that you select sofa accessories that align with the overall ambiance and personal style of your home. Whether you do that through decor cushions, throws, lighting, sofa toppers, coffee tables, or rugs, each accessory is important to optimising the day to day experience with your sofa.