These Are The 5 Best Autumn Interior Design Trends For 2021

Soon we will be saying goodbye to the summer heat as autumn is approaching us once again. Although some might still be in the summer mode, we have been longing for the autumn rich colours and cozy textiles that the season has to offer.

There are plenty of autumn 2021 decor trends to help lead the way, so we have gathered our favourite autumn interior design trends to help you look forward to the season, making your homes a little more cozy with a little extra warmth, just in time for the change in seasons.


Zoco Home Natural Materials Kitchen Design

Defined by comfort and coziness, this year's autumn trend is all about embracing natural materials to bring a sense of wellbeing and warmth into our homes.

Natural materials, such as teak, jute and rattan are no longer used just for outdoor furniture. These natural materials are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite inside our homes, too.

Zoco Home Natural Materials, living room and kitchen

Zoco Home Bring natural textures into home living room

Bringing in the natural materials is certainly an essential part of creating a cozy home. Whether you are eyeing up a beautiful jute ceiling lamp or a multifunctional teak root stool, there are plenty of ways that you can bring the outdoors into your home.


Layering with textures living room

One trend that every designer embraces is cozy fabrics and natural textures for autumn time. To put it simply, adding textures means creating visual interest. You can layer up a space by using an array of different textiles, materials and colours.

Zoco Home Textures

Throws and blankets are one of the easiest ways to add texture. They can be both functional and attractive pieces, providing you with warmth as the cooler seasons approach, as well as adding instant style, helping to make a space feel complete and finished.

Zoco Home Wall Decor

Adding beautiful textures, like storage baskets or wall decor made from natural materials can quickly transition your home into a more inviting space.

Mixing materials and layering is key to make textural elements work together and as we will once again, start spending more time at home, it’s important to create a space that is visually appealing.


Zoco Home Vintage Items

Vintage and handmade pieces mixed with more contemporary pieces can go a long way to making your space look cozy.

Bringing in a sense of craftsmanship into your homes instantly adds charm. The nature of hand crafted goods means that there are fewer of them. Unlike items that are mass-produced, you will find unique differences in each piece, adding uniqueness to your homes.

traditional craftsmanship, handcrafted items

Handmade items are generally created by talented artisans providing authenticity to your space. What you get from purchasing handmade items is more than just another item in your home, as there is a story behind the products, creating more warmth to your homes.

Discover why handmade items are the best for your home.


Zoco Home Bedroom layering

Layering a bedroom comes down to using different patterns and textures to add depth, balance and contrast. Although bedrooms are always considered as a place of comfort, this autumn trend brings layering across the entire space rather than just the bed linens.

Try adding layers in terms of natural furniture, linen bedding for extra comfort, an authentic rug and warm accessories to bring in extra textures, creating a bedroom that is so cozy.

Layering a room pulls together a cohesive and styled look whilst adding depth and personality, which is exactly what we want to bring in this autumn.


living room add a splash of colour

With some thoughtful interior touches, you can liven up any room. Adding a splash of colour to your home is an easy way to transform a plain room into a space that offers a warmer atmosphere.

Cushions and pillows add a pop of colour that can be a style element, making your space look more sophisticated and ready for the autumn season.

Living room splash of colour

Although most of us would opt for a cushion colour change to add contrast in a room, one of the autumn trends is adding coloured furniture. Whether it is a simple stool bringing a bright touch to a space or a beautiful lounge chair which radiates luxury, these bold pieces of furniture will be the statement piece in your home.

Whether you choose to jump on the trend of adding some colour to your home, or simply collecting a few handcrafted pieces, we are confident that your home will be a little cozier and stylish this autumn and become a place of calm and a home where you want to spend time with your loved ones.