How to Style Your Outdoor Space in Scandinavian Boho Style

2 jul. 2020

There is something romantic about balconies and patios, especially in summers.

No matter how plush your home is you find yourself stepping out in your patio or balcony for the views and fresh air now and then.

Beautiful outdoor furniture package in Higueron Benalmadena

While we put our heart and soul into designing our homes we often forget to do the same to our outdoor spaces at times even leaving them empty and bare.

You would be surprised to see how just a few additions can transform your dull balconies into beautiful and exotic little summer oasis’s.

Let us guide you through the process.

Rattan outdoor furniture in Benalmadena

Seating and Furniture:

First and foremost, begin with deciding which spot in the balcony you would wish to set up the sitting arrangement in.

Casa Cook Croisette lounge chair - Zoco Home

(Photo by Casa Cook)



You could pick any of our lounge chairs for the space. They are made out of natural materials and fibres such as wood, bamboo, rattan and leather. 

If you can find the right spot for this Hanging Chair then it would be ideal for a boho themed balcony

    Rattan hanging chair from furniture package in Higueron West

    Rugs, Pillows and Poufs:

    You can make your outdoor space more cosy and comfortable by adding some pillows, rugs, and Poufs. Rugs serve the dual purpose of stopping your furniture from sliding and adding colours and charm to the seating space as well. We have an exquisite collection of colourful Moroccan Boucherouite rugs to bring the Boho vibe to your outdoor space and natural earthy style Jute rugs which are great in outdoor spaces and easy to mix and match with any furniture but also great combination with colourful Boucherouite rugs. 

    Moroccan colourful handmade Boucherouite rug

    They will make your balconies and patios more inviting and add character to them. In addition to the chairs, you can place cozy sofa or poufs and floor pillows around the area.

    Zoco Home Furniture package in Marbella Nueva Andalucia

    Placing any of these in your balcony/patio, even with or without furniture, with just an assortment of cushions would bring life to the space.

    Boho themed cushions made of raffia and water hyacinth would help to stay in sync with the boho vibes.


    Plants and Planters:

    Plants are always the best kind of décor in any space indoors or outdoors. They work as an instant facelift for any space.

    Moroccan seagrass sunbed in Higueron Benalmadena

    If plants are good then plants in pretty and unconventional planters are even better. 

    Vintage storage box would make for a perfect planter for keeping tiny succulents in or placing a regular pot of plant into palm baskets or ceramic pots would look unconventionally beautiful.

    Take a look at these baskets, pots and boxes that you can enliven your balcony/patio with.

    Vintage plant holder

    The Lighting:

    Hanging a pair or more of lamps in a ceiling or on a wall in the balcony/patio area would make more difference than you can imagine. You can select any of our Natural Ceiling Lamps or Wall Lamps to your outdoor home oasis

    Boho style raffia lamp to balcony or terrace

    Most of them are made of natural materials and look elegant as well as exotic. Ceiling lamps can be placed either as single pieces or more, in a single line or a cluster. You could also set up a few candles on the floor or the table in our round tea light holder, especially for those cozy autumn evenings.


    Panda Bar Natural ceiling lamps to your outdoor patio or terrace

     Wall Décor and Hangings:

    The balcony or the patio is a semi-open space. But they still have walls for you to play with. You can decorate those walls with baskets, wall hangings and mirrors.  

    You could add your creativity and style to our products and use them as a décor piece. If you have kids then this could be their summer art project.

    Pick any of these pieces and paint anything you want on it. It could be your favourite quote, prayer or just the names of everyone in the family.

    The results will be worth all the efforts that you will put into making these personalized décor hangings.


    Outdoor Raffia furniture and decor - Benalmadena Higueron

    While we have done our best to curate a list of pieces for turning your balcony/patio into a summer dream, you could still browse through other products on our site and select whatever appeals to you.

    You can also Contact Us and get help from our Interior Design team. We are happy to make places beautiful together.

    Outdoor furniture and interior design in Nueva Andalucia Marbella - Zoco Home

    Just stop procrastinating on your ever pending balcony/patio decoration project and get started. You will love both the process and results.

    Happy Summer!