A study of style: Villa Marbesa

Jun 29, 2022

Immerse yourself in the dream Scandinavian holiday home that is Villa Marbesa.


A charming property lost in the suburbs of Marbella, it seems the perfect refuge from the city noise and bustle. Amongst a sea of silent roads and conventional modern homes, you will find Villa Marbesa, a haven for bespoke Interior Design and architecture. 


The style that defines this home is modern Scandinavian with a touch of characteristically Zoco Home style Ethnic decor. An irresistible combination that is consistently formidable and easy to adapt and reinvent throughout different projects. 


Inspiration was drawn from previous Interior Design projects and notable schemes in our portfolio that encapsulate this style unique to Zoco Home.

Architecture and foundations, the roots of this home are conceived parting from traditional Mediterranean building style, made contemporary using the latest building techniques.


You can see this exotic influence through the soft forms and continuous silhouettes that make the floors, walls, ceilings and stairs. These shapes are reminiscent of old school lime washed houses, chalky and white. 

Our designers achieve this style using microcement, twisting the traditional white colour, into a stylish uneven grey. This quality is constant throughout the whole Villa, unifying the project and exhibiting its character.

Black metallic features are scattered throughout the different spaces, suggestive of sleek Scandinavian design. Raw wood furniture, unvarnished and inviting. Some of our most emblematic and bestselling items can be found within the walls of this home. 


The Wishbone Chair combined with the Sama Round Dining Table forming the perfect team, both items with a perfect ergonomic design and made with quality materials.

These classic touches add to the hybrid of decorative style we have established, enriching each space.

Although delicate and neutral is the first impression of the design, in fact, you will find that there are hidden Ethnic treasures to be found. Binga baskets, another Zoco Home bestseller that adorns the walls of the dining room, bringing character and culture into the home.


The kitchen, completely renovated, continues down the line of natural wood, harmonising with the rest of the decoration and design. 

This project has been so special from start to finish, without cutting corners, and delivering the best results one could ask for.

We are so proud to present this beautiful villa, and can’t wait to continue making things beautiful through Interior Design, our passion. Is your home next?

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