Decorating Villa Jazmin

Sep 16, 2023

Nestled into the hillside of picturesque Estepona, Villa Jazmin sets the stage for a home filled with character and soul. This exceptional home, decorated with our carefully selected Zoco Home furniture and home decor, brings out the very best of this property, blessing it with warmth and tranquillity.

In the effort to embrace authenticity, Villa Jazmin has turned rustic style into its personality. Stepping inside, you are greeted by the warmth of authentic, exposed timber beams that stretch across the ceilings. The beams are part of the soul of the home and provide a sense of history, and grounded rustic roots.

Muted tones from the lime washed walls complement the wooden beams exquisitely. This traditional technique not only adds texture and depth but also, brightens the space, creating a welcoming ambiance that resonates with the tranquillity of the Mediterranean.

Villa Jazmin's interior decoration is a testament to Zoco Home’s control of boho style interiors and the integration of natural elements in a modern home. The boho-inspired decor features the holy grail of raw materials: raffia, linen, and recycled wood. An infusion of elements that bridge the gap between nature and design.

Dominating the colour palette, we can find earthen tones that help in creating a soothing ambiance. Rich browns, warm tans, and soft sands blend effortlessly, providing a calming and cohesive setting for life in this villa.

The bedrooms were transformed into peaceful retreats, with plush linen and cotton textiles, ethnic wall decor, and carefully chosen art pieces. Each bedroom has its own version of the Villa Jazmin personality, with an extra dose of coziness and comfort.

For our client, consistency was key to creating a harmonious and comfortable home. This meant tying all the spaces of the home together, creating a unified flow of home decor and interior design that makes this home stand out. It seems that natural light is another consistency in this home, bathing each room with a sunlight veil. Sometimes somewhat innovatively, with hidden windows in the bathroom that allow sunlight to seep in, creating a spotlight effect with natural light. Bathrooms become a sanctuary of relaxation, where one feels soothed and embraced by the natural light that seeps in.

For some it is the heart of the home, the kitchen. In this case it takes on a Mediterranean twist of a modern farmhouse style kitchen. Again with those ever-rustic beams, recycled wood tables with built in benches and plenty of space. The space is reminiscent of children's wilderness camps where one would sit at the picnic table to eat their sandwich in good company after a long day of adventure. The interesting separation of the kitchen from the main house adds to this feeling of a leisurely home for people who enjoy bringing the outdoors into their day to day life.

Zoco Home Interior Design presents Villa Jazmin as another successful venture into making interior design dreams a reality. Effortlessly melding rustic charm with our intrinsic boho style. Our dedication to natural materials, authenticity and creating spaces that our clients love, makes the final delivery of these projects the most special part of the process. Check Villa Jazmin project gallery here.


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