Finding your forever furniture: A Zoco Guide

Nov 13, 2023

Apart from the weather, festivities and ancient traditions that this season gives us, in recent years, new traditions have sprouted and blossomed, however, at what cost?

The consumer within us has been groomed and incentivised to keep track of new sales and buy all the latest trends, leading to bigger issues in commercial trade and compromising on quality furniture in the home.

Getting a bargain or keeping up with newness is always great, but in this day and age, both companies and consumers should be considering the impacts our decisions may have on the bigger picture, deciding for ourselves how we want to sell and what kind of consumers we want to be.

Zoco Home’s collection is one of a kind, and our pieces are meant to be cherished, not just displayed. 

We have outlined 3 different points for us to bear in mind when shopping and choosing the pieces we want to sell and bring into our homes.


Nature’s strength

At the core of Zoco Home is a deep appreciation for natural materials and their countless qualities. Wood, for example, is durable, strong enough to withstand the test of time and so versatile that it is perfect for upcycling and restoring. Last but not least, it ages well — in spite of its imperfections, you will find it never loses its natural beauty.

Above all, once your wooden furniture has had a long life and is ready to be scrapped, you (or the next generation) can do so with a clean conscience.

Natural materials are not only more sustainable. Their properties are what makes them a logical choice for manufacturing furniture. They are easier to harvest and not toxic for the people who handle them; they can be processed entirely by hand or with purely mechanical tools to manufacture most of the pieces you will find at Zoco Home. Craftsmanship at its finest. 

Design that never fades

Niche styles and trending designs can be misleading when it comes to finding your timeless furniture. We would never recommend making a large purchase based on fads and fashions that can quickly become obsolete in the interior design world.

Opt for designs that are timeless and uncomplicated. Simple forms and clean lines; natural colours, with minimal treatment, are always the best. Painted, varnished, and coated pieces do not age as well as raw fibres. Although you may be wary about leaving your wooden item unprotected and open to staining, the fact is that such coverings can be damaging in the long run, whereas keeping it clean and carefully restoring any imperfections is much easier and will lengthen the life of your furniture.

We love embracing the natural journey of our pieces and the changes they go through, just like us.

Stories are forever

You wouldn’t invite just any stranger into your home. The same applies when we decorate and furnish homes. ‘There is a story in everything’ is the mantra we abide by when it comes to non-essential or decorative items. From hand woven ethnic baskets to protective tribal deities carved in stone, each of these pieces is special, one of a kind, adding positive immaterial value to your home. 

One might think that we do not need to have any of these pieces in our homes, but they are in fact necessary because they unify and bring harmony to any space. Bear in mind that the time we spend in our homes, whether to relax, work or entertain, it is so important to ensure we feel comfortable and happy in our space.

Many of our baskets come from small communities across the world, renowned for their intricate and beautiful fibre weaving. These communities, made up mostly of women, have been trading the products of their craftsmanship for centuries, sharing their wonderful art with the rest of the world. These and other exported crafts are a way for women in these communities to sustain themselves and their families. With some baskets taking up to two weeks to weave, these pieces are the perfect guilt-free gift for a loved one.

As consumers and companies it is our mission/responsibility to be well-informed when purchasing and adorning our homes. We hope that by sharing and retelling the stories of some of our pieces we help to preserve the very crafts and traditions that are so important to our business.

So the next time you come by our store in Mijas, Costa del Sol, or browse through our website for some forever pieces, do not hesitate to ask us about our products and let us help you shop responsibly and ethically this season.



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