6 Clever Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

As bathrooms are primarily seen as a more functional space of the home, they are often forgotten about when it comes to any form of home refreshing. It is essential to see a bathroom's full potential as it can easily become the place that lets us escape from the stress of the day.

Whether you want to transform your space into a tranquil spa with a complete renovation or simply spruce things up with some fresh home decor, these decorating ideas are sure to turn your bathroom into an oasis.


Zoco Home bathroom towels

The quickest and easiest way to make your bathroom feel renewed is a fresh set of brand new towels. Whether you go for a vibrant new shade or for a more classic, elegant choice, you are sure to create that spa-like space in your bathroom.

Rather than hiding your new set of towels in the closed storage spaces, try displaying them on open shelving in your bathroom or simply hanging them on hooks or a ladder to boost your bathroom aesthetics.


Zoco Home Stools and Benches

If you want to showcase that your bathroom is a space to spend time in rather than merely a functional area, an extra stool is the piece you need. Stools and benches are an excellent way to maximise your bathroom space. They are both functional as it can be used to place clothing, towels or small accessories and add that dash of style that your space was missing.

Additionally, they won’t take up too much space and will make a characterful statement piece that can be moved around or as an extra seat when needed.


bathroom Zoco Home cabinets

In general, cabinets are often overlooked in a bathroom, although a small stylish cabinet can be exactly what you need. They can be seen as a very convenient storage option to bring into a bathroom design.

Cabinets are an excellent choice for placing small items and toiletries, leaving your bathroom countertops nice and tidy. They can instantly allow your bathroom to feel bigger and more spacious.


zoco home bathroom design

We continue to fill our living spaces with a variety of plants, so why not bring some leafy accessories into your bathroom?

Adding plants can quickly alter the entire ambience of your bathroom, creating a more zen-like atmosphere. In addition to this, not only will plants in the bathroom add personality to your space, but they can also help purify the air, helping to relieve stress after a busy day.

There’s a huge variety of plants to choose from. Adding greenery to your bathroom doesn’t have to mean huge plants to make a bold statement. You can also simply add small plants across a shelf to save on floor space.


Bathroom Lighting Zoco Home

Stylish and unique lighting are not only used as a statement piece in your bedrooms and living rooms. Adding interesting lighting to your bathroom will create an edgy focal point and an aesthetically pleasing look to the space.


Zoco Home Candles in Bathroom

With the right atmosphere in the bathroom, you can enjoy a calming and stress-free environment. And the most effective way to create an atmosphere in your bathroom is by adding the power of candles.

It is essential to relax and unwind and there’s no better way to do it than by creating a soothing and inviting ambience in your bathroom by bringing in plenty of candlelight.

Zoco Home Bathroom Design

All in all, when you look at your bathroom design, it is important to realise that you don’t need to do a complete renovation in order to create a bathroom oasis. Simply, assessing what could be missing and a few simple changes can instantly upgrade and refresh your bathroom aesthetics.