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Scent diffuser | Wild Meadow 180 ml

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Enlighten your home with this beautiful Meraki Shadow Lake Diffuser.

Wild Meadow is an elegant diffuser with 8 black stems. Meraki has designed it to turn your home into a calm space with light floral scents wafting through the air. You just have to insert the bars in the liquid and place the air freshener where you want to create a cozy atmosphere. The sticks constantly spread the aroma until the liquid evaporates.

When you can't keep an eye on a burning candle, this diffuser is a practical and stylish alternative. Place it in the hallway to greet guests, or leave it by the bathroom sink.

Wild Meadow opens with hints of grapefruit and lemon, followed by a floral interlude of rose, magnolia and lily of the valley. Musk adds subtle depth as a base note.

Product specifications

6.07 fl.oz / 180 ml.


Glass, wood