5 Things you didn't know about our sofas

As Summer comes to an end, we start thinking about how we want to begin the next season and how we want to set the tone in our homes. An obvious but sometimes tricky home essential is finding the perfect sofa for your space.

The Zoco Home sofa line is distinctive and unique, putting comfort and quality in the limelight. Whatever your space and style is, you will be able to find something perfectly suited to your tastes.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about our sofas:


Made in Europe

Our full collection of sofas is manufactured in Europe and all the Linen Sofas are made in Spain, this guarantees the best quality and industry standards. They don’t travel a long way, reducing their carbon footprint and delivering high grade products to our customers.


White Linen Sofa


Washable covers

The Linen Sofa range is characterised by its draping, beachy linen covers. 

What you don’t know is that these are completely removable and washable! Perfect for big families with children and pets, who are a bit worried about the maintenance of this kind of sofa.


Beige Linen Sofa for two seaters



We offer a range of effortless neutral colours in our website, which are easy to combine with any interior. However, if you have a special request for a different shade, you can contact customer service for other possible options.


Vetsak Outdoor modular sofa set



As we expand our collection, we introduce different materials and fabrics with innovative properties. Some of many include: stain resistant and easy to clean upholstery, certified sustainable fabrics, 100% linen options and textiles suitable for outdoor use.


Soho Sofa close up


Custom made

Who doesn’t love a modular sofa? It is the ideal choice for those of you who every now and then get the overwhelming urge to change everything in your home.


Tarifa Linen Chaise Lounge Sofa


The new Laguna Linen Sofa is the perfect choice for a cosy indoor lounge where you can spend countless hours lying around and enjoying time with your loved ones.

The Vetsak range is the best option for creating a refined outdoor area, with one of the leading brands in outdoor furniture, you can create your personalised space with these exclusive modules.

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NEW ARRIVALS - Soho and Laguna


The Soho Sofa has been designed to harmonise in relaxing, wabi-sabi style interiors. The modern fluid lines and classic silhouette make this the perfect hybrid to bring peace into your home. Ideal for creating a zen space where you can gather with family and friends. 

Made locally, and upholstered using stain resistant and sustainable fabrics, available in two gorgeous colours.

The Laguna Linen Sofa is one of our modular sofas, with the same properties as our other models in the Linen Collection. It features completely removable and washable 100% linen covers. There are 4 different modules available to mix and merge in your chosen space. 

Buying a new sofa can be difficult and ultimately a big commitment, we want to help you make the best decision, so don’t be afraid to ask us about the different collections and options we have available and their properties. Start browsing today!


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