Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Decorating Project

Sep 1, 2020

Are you thinking it is time to update and renovate your bathroom? So many of us focus on redesigning our living rooms and bedrooms but we can have just as much fun decorating bathrooms, too.

Spacious bathroom design in Marbella Perla del Mar

Whether you are making small upgrades or investing into a complete remodel, a bathroom can ultimately change the entire feel of your home. However, choosing a brand new look is not always the easiest of choices, so we have gathered a range of bathroom ideas to inspire you for your bathroom project. 


Remember that even just a few, simple decor changes can create the bathroom you have always envisioned. 

Bathroom decor tips to create nordic Boho style

Understanding Your Space

When you are designing your bathroom, consider how to make the space function for you. 

Do you prefer showcasing your nicely folded linen and iconic beauty products, or do you tuck away your items in storage baskets and cabinets? Understanding your space will help to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom that suits your needs and personality. 


Add a Touch Of Greenery

If you are looking to add some charm and a vibrant colour to your bathroom, adding a plant will be the perfect solution. We are always filling our living rooms and terraces with plants, so why not bring some leafy goodness into your bathrooms?  

Plants are a beautiful way to add style to your space, but can also help purify the air and help relieve some stress. 

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Photo by Sea La Vie Marbella 


If you have a bathroom that always feels a little bland and unfinished, a floor plant can be the perfect solution for you. A large potted plant will be the statement piece of your bathroom and give a sense of calmness to the space. 

Light Up Your Bathroom

The process of choosing the perfect lighting for your bathroom can be overwhelming. The choice is endless so you may end up purchasing something that does not quite suit the aesthetics you intended. 

The right lighting is essential and can change the entire atmosphere of your bathroom. We recommend adding ceiling lights to create style as well as maintaining floor space. 

Our handcrafted Vida Lampshades are made in Indonesia and will certainly make a statement in your bathroom, filling your space with elegance and charm.

Bathroom Interior Design services in Marbella

Photo: Sea La Vie Marbella


Store It Up

Besides their value as a chic home accessory that can accentuate the minimalistic and boho charm to any space, storage baskets can also help you get organized and store your things.

Our Boho styled storage baskets will be the perfect fit for your bathroom if you want to add character and functionality to your space. Add a few different sized baskets and turn your storage into a visual element. 

Micro Cement Bathroom Interior Design service es in Marbella

All our baskets are handwoven making each piece unique and authentic for your space. 

Our hand Beaded Rattan Baskets are perfect to place on top of your vanity for your smaller accessories.

Hand breaded basket to bring boho vibe

Hang Your Towels With Style 

Stunning stonewashed bathroom towels

If you are wondering where the best place for your towels would be, our Rustic Natural Wood Ladder is just what you need in your bathroom. 

Hanging your towel in style with wooden ladder

This multifunctional decorative ladder will create a powerful rustic statement in your bathroom. It is a great option to organize your space and provides a place to hang your towels. 


Bring In Some Texture

Go beyond the common bath mat that everyone uses and elevate your bathroom with a stylish rug. Rugs are the new trend designers love when decorating bathrooms. They can easily warm up floor tiles, add colour to neutral bathroom tones and provide charismatic touches. 

Raffia Rugs bring in natural beauty to any space, especially bathrooms. These stylish rugs are eco-friendly and made from all natural fiber. They embody a rustic design aesthetic that can complement a range of styles in your bathroom, from contemporary to boho.

Raffia Mat in bathroom creating Nordic Boho interior

It can be the item you have always been looking for to spice up your bathroom style in the simplest form. 

Interior Design Service 

Designing a bathroom involves the right amount of creativity and experience to establish the perfect space for you. 

Costa del Sol bathroom interior design services

From choosing the correct floor tiles, deciding the shower layout and simply picking the best colours. Whether you are considering transforming your entire bathroom or need assistance with the decoration side of things, let us help you design the perfect bathroom.

Cement grey bathroom walls

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