El Tesoro - Before and After Project

Nov 2, 2022

When we complete an Interior Design Project, we like to look back on the journey of conceptualisation and design, through to the execution and construction which eventually leads to the shocking final result!

This project required us to put our best foot forward in all aspects of project management, starting with architectural design and renovation, to Interior Design and decoration. Our architects and designers have been working hard on this scheme and we are excited to share the beautiful outcome.

We LOVE a complete renovation, and this is exactly what El Tesoro is. An old but unique house by the sea, risen up into a breezy, state of the art beachside oasis. 

Starting from a conventional Spanish distribution with too many doors and small, closed spaces that were impractical and a very big patio that felt disconnected to the house. We agreed with our client that the solution would be creating completely open spaces that flowed, and embraced the joining of the outdoor with the indoor. The underlying concept was quite literally, embracing the beach life. When you walk around, but more so when you live in this house, you can see that it has been carefully thought out to be 100% practical. 

‘In this home, the Sea is your swimming pool and the house is your never-ending holiday.’

Preserving only the exterior wall of the home and softening them with Mediterranean style, almost iglu-like, corners that give us the basic outline of the home. Meanwhile, the inside has been entirely redistributed. The outdoor patio is now the heart of the home, an exterior living area, dining area and lounge from which you access to go to each room. Using the space in this way has allowed us to omit all doors and unnecessary walls inside, gaining more space for each room, bathroom and kitchen, defining everything down to the very last detail.

The indoor/outdoor renovation was fundamental in delivering the perfect final result. You could never imagine that the previous traditional home that sat on this plot of land is now a beautiful Modern Mediterranean edifice, influenced by Balinese style villas.

The decoration chosen for this project was carefully selected, curating a collection of one of a kind pieces. 

The main entry, a breathtaking vintage 19th century wooden door, which replaced a traditional iron gate, was built into place. 

For the patio floor reclaimed terracotta tiles were used, in line with the traditional style of the front gate.

The rooms are decorated with various Ethnic pieces, between them Sumba Statues, tracing back to the ancestral Marapu religion and culture, these figurines are hand carved by local artisans in the island of Sumba, Indonesia and are believed to provide protection to the home.

An exquisite collage of wooden wall panels adorns the wall behind the sofa in the living room. These pieces are one of a kind, hand painted and put together by the Salampasu tribe, renowned for their unique craftsmanship.

At Zoco Home Interior Design Studio we pride ourselves in our client relations, which is why our clients can be as involved as they wish to be! We love to keep our clients updated and in the know of all the latest developments, especially during a renovation, because homes should always bring you joy when you see them, and for that we need your input so that they can represent your project vision. 

El Tesoro was destined to be a unique and above all, a comfortable guest home, as was our client’s wish. We worked together closely, and our designers have successfully made their holiday home dreams come true! 

‘The best part of this job is getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from happy clients.’

From start to end, the journey has been special, documenting the design phase, construction, decoration and final result. When our clients look back they will be able to see this whole process, see the plans, read this blog, and understand the story behind their project. We enjoy the journey just as much as the final destination.

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