Home Transformation | Casa del Olivo

Sep 20, 2022

You heard right! Project Casa del Olivo is primed and polished ready for our happy clients to enjoy their perfect holiday space.

This neat seaside home portrays the essence of Zoco Home to perfection, breezy and natural. Paying homage to a pure Mediterranean lifestyle, in 5 months our designers have managed to create flowing spaces that are in tune with the architectural foundations and surroundings.

Everything joins together harmoniously in the centre of the home, an open-plan kitchen, dining and ample living area that feels spacious and offers 360º perspectives.

Find out everything you need to know about this beautiful Interior Design project directly from the designers themselves.

What makes this project so special? 

The combination of the client's initial good taste, and the trust that they bestowed on us to be creative with our proposals. Casa del Olivo has its own personal identity, one that matches impeccably with Zoco Home’s style.

Client wants something special and letting us be creative. Involved in the process. 

What are 3 words you would use to describe this project?

Harmony, Trust and Unique.

What was the most difficult part of a project?

When working with clients remotely for the most part can be difficult when you are not prepared. An important number of our Interior Design clients look for these kinds of services, where we can deliver the results they wish, without having to be on top of everything. 

We are always available for online consultations when the client requires, and we take care of the whole process from the design aspect to full Project Management.

Our clients can enjoy seeing their dream home become a reality, remotely, from anywhere in the world. 

Where did the inspiration come from?

We wanted this home to feel like an escape, not something generic. Something that makes you feel like your life is a never ending holiday. That is the feeling we wanted to build. Walking into Casa del Olivo, is like being woken up in Ibiza by a fresh summer breeze.

Tell us one fun fact about this project.

As is normal in the execution of renovation projects, we did have to find creative solutions for construction limitations. For example, using this column to create a unique feature in the home, after finding that it was not possible to demolish.

What style would you say this project is?

It’s definitely 100% Zoco Home style. Of course, we use a hybrid of beachy boho, clean Scandinavian foundations with ethnic and rustic elements; putting raw materials in the spotlight.

What is your favourite feature of this project?

This project would not be as beautiful as it is without the complete ensemble of features. Together they create harmony throughout the home.

Which is your favourite space?

The dining area is a particularly special space. It is the centre of the home, where you have the perfect perspective of everything around you.

What is one unique thing about this project?

When you walk in, it feels more spacious and completely different to anything you’ve seen. It definitely feels like you’re in your own little beach house and not an apartment.

What was the thought process behind the materials used?

We pride ourselves in finding the ideal materials in their highest quality for each project. Each project is different, which means the combination of resources also varies.

To achieve the Mediterranean aesthetic throughout the home, we went with the unbeatable duo of microcement and natural wood. The microcement gives the home a sleek and modern base without being overly polished, perfect for contrasting with the natural wood beams which are present in all the spaces of the home.

Authentic Zellige tiles were used in the terrace shower, to mimic the colour of the sky and sea. These kind of touches are what crown this project, making it so much more special. 

What were the clients looking for with this project?

Our clients were looking for a complete change. They had discovered our Interior Design Studio through other projects of ours, and fell in love with our style and what we can achieve.

The idea was for it to be one of a kind, without compromising their personal preferences, and without falling into temporary trends which hinder the home from being completely timeless. 

They wanted it to be very special, and gave us free reign over design proposals and creative decisions. For us, this is what makes us passionate and excited to work each day to create breathtaking interiors for our clients.

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