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Casa Cook

How to Style Your Outdoor Space in Scandinavian Boho Style

How to Style Your Outdoor Space in Scandinavian Boho Style

There is something romantic about balconies and patios, especially in summers. While we put our heart and soul into designing our homes we often forget to do the same to our outdoor spaces at times even leaving them empty and bare. You would be surprised to see how just a few additions can transf...
Panda Bar Fuengirola Interior Design

Scandinavian-Boho style in Hospitality

You know the expression; change is the only thing that's certain in life. Although at first this may not seem quite precise, assume about all of the changes that humanity has experienced in the course of human civilization. If technology is always evolving, why not change our taste in the design ...
Cozy bedroom Decor Inspiration

Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas

An array of neutral color and prints, varying textures, billowing fabrics and layers of worldly decor. If you’re looking into adding some Ethnic - Scandinavian influence throughout your home, we’ve definitely compiled a beautiful assembly of inspiration for you.  Contrary to general belief that ...