Spice Up Your Dining Experience With These Easy Design Ideas

Small changes to your decor can make a big impact on the overall appearance of your home, especially when it comes to decorating your dining space. No room feels entirely complete until it's been spruced up with decor.

The dining room is a place in your home where we unite our family and friends, eating our favourite meals and socialising.

It is very important to not only consider what decor you should showcase when you have your guests over, but also what variety of decor should remain on your table in between meals and dinner parties.

Zoco Home dining room

Whether you prefer the minimalistic Scandinavian design or the bold boho look, dining room table decor ideas are so vast and varied that you can find something that suits your style and personality.

With a few ticks and changes, you will see how little extra time and consideration you need when switching up your dining area. Discover our favourite design tips that are sure to spice up your dining experience.


Zoco Home Dining table mats

There is something about table mats that make a dining table look classy and so much more vibrant. These small yet effective pieces of fabric are perfect when elevating the mood at the table.

They are the simplest and quickest way to add a touch of style, colour and appeal to your space, brightening up your place without the need for excessive spending. They can instantly upgrade any table setting and create a space that is visually appealing.

Using table mats to only adds style to your space but they also protect your table from any spills, stains or damage that may occur, allowing your table to last longer.

Choosing handmade table mats will instantly create warmth and add that authentic touch to your space. 


add a rug at dining table

Rugs are a beautiful, plush addition to any space, as well as being a design element in your home.

Rugs and carpets are not just statistically gorgeous in any room across the home, but they are also extremely functional and that combination between style and functionality is fundamental when achieving a home that feels and looks good.

Zoco Home rug, dining table

They add warmth to a home and can also act as a protective layer between your furniture and floors. Additionally, in terms of the rooms layout, rugs can add structure and definition, especially when separating areas in an open plan space, such as a dining room and kitchen area.


Zoco Home Ceramic Tableware

Tableware is an important component to making your dining space complete and can be used either on a daily basis or simply as pure decoration. Additionally, ceramic tableware is best known for its high quality and durability.

Our selection of boho ceramic tableware is handmade and exudes all its charm, as well as bringing personality to your table. Ceramic tableware is usually handmade and the imperfections only create a more atmospheric touch to your space which can immediately upgrade the look and feel of your entire dining space.


Zoco Home Ceiling Lighting

Every home feels complete when the perfect lighting has been chosen, especially in your dining room. The perfect lighting, whether that may be a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp can change the whole aura of your space.

Dining room lighting should be both stylish and functional. This requires a mix of different lighting that is beneficial for a variety of different functions, such as dinner parties, family get-togethers or routine activities like reading or hobbies.

Try hanging beautiful lighting above your table to create a spectacular focal point. This will serve as a decorative style element that enhances the beauty of the furniture and other decor items in the room.

Discover the ultimate guide to help you choose the perfect lampshade.


Zoco Home Serveware

By displaying items on your dining table such as unique serveware, the pieces will act like a form of art that draws attention to your table. Additionally, the serveware adds to the general functionality, allowing those pieces to become an intuitive sense in your space.

Above all, your dining room is your space where you can showcase your personality, so get creative and use our favourite design tips. If you are looking to upgrade and renovate your home or restaurant, contact us at sales@zocohome.com and talk to one of our designers!