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JuJu Hat wall deco | Black

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Feathers are flying on to walls, creating an exotic and textured decor item for homes.

Eye catching African JuJu Hat featuring a cluster of shells in centre and fully feathered. The design is created by sewing feathers into a tight circular raffia base covered with wood and cloth.

The neutral colours are perfect for the ethnic look and balance the atmosphere, especially using black and white together. The Juju hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture. The Bamileke is an ethnic group from Cameroon. Traditionally, the Juju hat was worn by members of the high Kuosi class during Bamileke rituals and festivities.

The Juju hat is a feature that is not made to stand out but rather balance a room and give that ethnic Boho vibe to your decoration as wall decor.

Product specifications
Size 55×55cm
Made of feathers and shells